Everyone has three vocations; universal, primary and secondary. The word “Vocation” means what God made you to do while on the earth – your calling. Your vocation answers the questions “Why am I alive?”. Saint John Paul II believed that only when you are living out your vocation(s) can you find fulfillment in this life.

To Know GodUniversal Vocation – To know, love and serve God in this life so that you can know, love and serve him eternally in the next life. This vocation is universal in that it applies to every human being. The objective is to cooperate with God in His work to save your soul.

Paul & Bambi WeddingPrimary Vocation – this is how we live out our universal vocation. According to the Catholic Church there are four primary vocations; married life, dedicated single life (living in the world), the priesthood and consecrated life (living in community).

SeSecondary Vocationcondary Vocation – How you use your gifts and talents in service to God while living out your universal and primary vocations. For most of us it means our work or profession. It can also apply to your family, civic and community involvement, apostolic work or bearing the various crosses and trials that come your way. It’s your plan of action for living.