The World’s Most Dangerous Prayer

The world’s most dangerous prayer is this.. “Oh God, your servant is listening what is your will for me?”

Most people may occasionally want to know what God’s will is for them, or if what they are currently doing in their life is actually what God wants them to be doing, but not too many people actually pray this prayer, then be still enough to actually listen for the answer. Why? Mainly because it may require a radical departure from their current life situation or comfy lifestyle.

In Christifideles Laici (ON THE VOCATION AND THE MISSION OF THE LAY FAITHFUL IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE WORLD), (58) Pope John Paul II, said to discover the actual will of the Lord in our lives always involves the following:

  • receptive listening to the Word of God
  • fervent and constant prayer
  • recourse to a wise and loving spiritual guide
  • faithful discernment of the gifts and talents given by God as well as the diverse social and historic situations in which one lives

That’s not all …of course .. wait there’s more!

Saint Pope John Paul II goes on to say that God is ALWAYS calling us. “No one must forget that the Lord, as the master of the labourers in the vineyard, calls at every hour of life so as to make his holy will more precisely and explicitly known. Therefore, the fundamental and continuous attitude of the disciple (you – the reader) should be one of vigilance and a conscious attentiveness to the voice of God.” The individual must do what God wants, as we are reminded in the words that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, addressed to the servants at Cana: “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5). However, to act in fidelity to God’s will requires a capability for acting and the developing of that capability. We can rest assured that this is possible through the free and responsible collaboration of each of us with the grace of the Lord which is never lacking. Saint Leo the Great says: “The one who confers the dignity will give the strength!

Now that’s a lot of work just to tell God that He must’ve gotten the wrong number when He called you to tell you what His will is for your life. It will always be related to loving God and neighbor.

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