The value of Attollo, a Catholic Business Leadership Development Organization that uses a facilitated peer advisory board model to deliver results.

The oft cited statistics about the value to business owners who participate in a facilitated peer advisory board are from Fast Company Magazine and

The quantitative benefits reported by business owners in the survey are:

  • 64% report an increase in bottom line profitability
  • 56% report an increase in top line sales
  • 60% report an increase in productivity
  • The overall positive revenue impact of a peer advisory board can be from 19-43% of gross revenues.

Also, an MIT Sloan Management Review survey of CEO peer group members found:

  • 100% agreed membership improved their company’s performance
  • 100% obtained new knowledge
  • 90% were able to improve organization in their professional life
  • 88% developed clearer performance benchmarks.

Winter-trekking-in-the-Dolomit_600pxwThe qualitative benefits of belonging to facilitated peer advisory board are:

  • Reduced isolation and increased confidence – A peer group creates camaraderie, a sounding board for new ideas and objective advice on a wide range of issues.
  • Accountability – With the sharing of business and often personal issues and disclosure of critical information comes an incredible amount of respect and trust. Thus these groups tend to be serious about holding their peers accountable to make the tough decisions. The atmosphere of  shared accountability with peers is very compelling.
  • Clarity of goals – It’s all about results. Every peer group members is challenged to think about their lifetime and lifestyle goals and to write a detailed plan to achieve them.
  • Time to focus on the important things – Spending a day disconnected from the day to day “urgent” matters with your peer group can help you focus and work on the big picture that will have a major impact on the direction and growth of your company.
  • An Attollo peer group with help keep you “real”. Members will challenge each other to live every moment of every day authentically – living their faith all day everyday.

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To learn more about the value of having a Catholic peer-advisory board, a structured business curriculum to grow your business to achieve your life time goals within the framework of Catholic social teaching and one-on-one coaching sessions, contact Paul Winkler to have a confidential conversation to see how Attollo can be of value to you.

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