The Meaning of “Repent”

Here’s a unique way to think of the word “repent”. It means to delve into your heart and start to work on removing your disordered attachments, one at a time, to make room for God to dwell in it. St. Augustine asked very early in his auto-biography “The Confessions”  – “Is there any room in me for you, Lord God?”

What are disordered attachments and how does one start rooting them out? A disordered attachment is anything that stands in the way of the choices in life that will best serve God and bring us true happiness. It could be a desire for popularity or a love of money or an obsession over attaining perfect health or perfect shape. Or it could be an unhealthy relationship that keeps one from freedom. Reviewing credit card and bank statements is a great place to start. Your discretionary spending points to the priorities in life. Do those priorities pull you closer or push you farther from God?


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