The Spiritual Toolbox for the Busy Executive

The Spiritual Toolbox for the Busy Executive contains all the tools and other sundry items needed to help you grow in your faith while learning how to live an integrated life. The items found in everyone’s spiritual toolbox will be a bit different. There will be many that are empty, others filled with basic tools and as one grows will be filled with more and more complex tools.Consider this a “starter” toolbox containing some basic tools. It’s certainly doesn’t contain a complete set of tools!

The 20th-century Catholic priest Henri Nouwen wrote that “Through the spiritual life we gradually move from the house of fear to the house of love.” The same thing could be said about the business life. When we immerse ourselves in our business, we can quiet those distracting and sometimes disturbing voices around us – in the media especially – and from within ourselves. We can finally enter the stillness that characterizes prayer and the “house of love.” We can open ourselves and experience spaciousness, peace and growth in our relationship with God, understanding ourselves and others.

Filling your own spiritual toolbox is ongoing, as we age, grow, mature and evolve that which first nourished us spiritually begins to transition too.


Sections of the Spiritual Toolbox for the Busy Executive are:

Catholic Educational Resources