In the book The E-Myth Revisted the author says that the greatest business people he’s met “are determined to get it right no matter the cost. He wasn’t just talking about business. They all had a higher end or vision in mind that “getting it right” would serve. The great ones posses an intuitive understanding that the only way to reach something higher is to focus their attention on the multitude of seemingly insignificant, unimportant and boring things that make up every business and every life for that matter.”

I agree. 

In fact it requires work in three areas; personal development, professional mastery and a maturity of the faith.

In the Parable of the Sower, the seed (the word) that falls on the side of the path is eaten up by birds (a soul that lacks understanding of, or is dismissive of God), on stony ground with little soil and dries up in the sun (a soul that lacks depth and gives up when afflicted by trials), in thorns and is choked out (a soul that is distracted by the anxieties or pleasures of the world) while when it lands on good soil it yields an abundance of fruit.

The preparation of your soul to receive the word will help up you experience God’s closeness which will certainly bring a new energy into your vocation to selflessly love and serve through your business.