Executive Coaching
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Taking Time on What Matters Most – An Integrated Life

Imagine having access to a seasoned Executive Coach who will walk alongside you to pull you out of your day-to-day to help you focus you on living an integrated life; a life of integrity that combines faith, work and family lived out together. Your monthly sessions with a Business Coach will help you self-assess, so you are more prepared to accomplish your calling as a business leader.

Innovation = See, Judge, Act

This self-assessment is an introspective activity that paradoxically expands the vision of business owners which gives them the energy and courage to grow their business. The assessment process requires that a business owner possesses a high level of situational awareness (to see), the ability to form decisions (to judge) and then taking of appropriate action (to act). Assessment gives one the ability to keep an eye on the big picture and to keep laser focused on the priorities and activities that will drive long term goals to completion. Creating an attentive mindset is needed in today’s fast moving and constantly changing world.

“While only 42% of businesses surveyed had a written description of the desired future state of their business, those that did grew 50% faster than their peers, were more optimistic about the future, were 30% larger and their owners took home 25% more in compensation.” Source: 2012 State of the Business Owner: by Emyth / synotac



Your coach will interrogate your reality and ensure that you own then actually commit to accomplishing the decisions you make during the coaching sessions. Knowing that someone who is supportive yet will hold you accountable to your own goals will create a shift in mindset (from mediocre to achievement orientation) that leads to behavioral change for the better.

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