One-on-one Coaching Conversations


In addition to the monthly group meetings, each Attollo member meets one-on-one with their group chair for two 45 minute coaching sessions or a  90 minute coaching session. These conversations bridge the gap between learning and doing. The goal is to help you through the immediate disruption, discomfort and provide the intention and discipline needed to focus on and attain your long term goals.

A study in 1997 found that training alone increased productivity by 28% but when follow up coaching was added with training then productivity increased 88%*.

Coaching can change lives but it only works to the level that you are willing to commit and to the extent you are willing to work. Coaching conversations need to be extremely real and truthful so that deep transformation can occur. Your Attollo chair / coach cannot work any harder or be more committed to your stated goals than you are. What you could achieve through coaching:

  • You will gain and maintain the mindset that enables you to create the results you want in your personal life, business life and your faith life.
  • You will enjoy your life, your business and your Catholic faith more
  • Your relationships will be deeper and more meaningful.
  • You will achieve success faster.
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*Buruch College Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, Richard Kopelman