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The Soul of Silicon (PDF) – George Gilder, 1997 – Summary: Work becomes ever more fruitful and productive to the extent that people become more knowledgeable of the productive potentialities of the earth and more profoundly cognizant of the needs of those for whom their work is done. In our time, in particular, there exists another form of ownership which is becoming no less important than land: the possession of know-how, technology and skill. The wealth of the industrialized nations is based much more on this kind of ownership than on natural resources.

Personal Development

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy 2012

Setting a goal and then actually achieving it takes drive, determination, stamina and passion but the biggest factor to achieve success is understanding that it doesn’t happen overnight. Success does take drive, determination, stamina and passion but it requires a key ingredient called patience.


Go For No! – Yes is the destination NO is how you get there. Fenton and Waltz 2007.
People fear failure and rejection. Yet to accelerate your performance you need to fail faster. Often we see ourselves between success and failure along a continuum. We think that when we fail, we’re just going in the wrong direction so change course.  Success  <—  Me  —> Failure .  Yet, success sits beyond failure.  Me —>  Failure —->  Success. Sales requires tenacity to continue after “no”.

To Sell is Human. – Dan Pink 2012
To Sell Is Human offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling.


Time Management

The Pomodoro Method – This method offers the structure you need to completely focus on a single task until you get it done. PLEASE don’t kid yourself – multi-tasking lowers your IQ and your efficiency. Check out this Forbes article “Why Multi-Tasking Is Worse Than Marijuana For Your IQ“.