Are you ready to be transformed?


Some considerations to help you determine if you are ready for Attollo.

  • You are ready to be all in
    Attollo isn’t for someone who is and who wants to stay lukewarm. You need to be “all in” or not at all. You can’t invest half-way in yourself, your business or your faith. You can’t remain half-hearted, dabblers in this or that. If you are a person who can’t commit, then do not apply to this program. You won’t like it and you will bail out within months of starting.
  • You are a lifetime learner
    A learner, or someone with a growth mindset, believes that they can improve and that their power comes from being inquisitive. They possess a desire to improve and their self-esteem comes from being and staying open – open to new ideas, perspectives, to debate, to discussion.
  • You view coaching as an investment
    Coaching is about the effort it takes to design and build your future. It’s about creating a future that’s different from the future that would have arrived by default if you had no coach and no sense of creativity and no commitment. You are willing to invest time, money, willpower and energy that is needed to create the life you desire.
  • You recognize that a change is needed to make progress in your life and you really, really want it.
    The journey of change is challenging and can be tiring. Creating permanent change is even harder. The best Attollo members are those who value change, and accept it as part of life with enthusiasm. Our lives are like grass or trees, if we aren’t growing, we are dying.
  • You can handle the truth of your situation.
    Humility is the habit of living in the truth. No one enjoys receiving feedback. It’s as old as mankind. In fact Aristotle quipped,‘To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” The only way to improve your lot in life is to accept the wisdom that comes your way and apply it in your life.