The Mission (Why): Advancing justice and peace through business.

The Vision (How): To create an international network of groups each consisting of 12-15 business owners, CEOs and presidents who are committed to growing their businesses guided by the principles of Catholic social teaching.

The Business (What): Attollo is a fee for service¬†Catholic Business Leadership Development Organization. It’s also a tithing organization meaning 10% of gross revenues are donated to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to alleviating and eliminating human suffering.

Attollo offers a peer to peer advisory board model and coaching geared for business leaders who are committed to growing their businesses and achieving lifetime goals for themselves, their business, and their colleagues according to and through the lens of Catholic social teaching.

Attollo members meet monthly to work on personal, professional and faith development. Facilitators encourage and support members’ growth and hold members accountable for setting, then taking action on their goals in three areas; working on the business, catechesis to deepen their faith and strengthening family ties. Sample agenda.

Download Attollo One Page Information Sheet